Back on the Blogwagon

I had kept a blog for awhile several months back, but kind of abandoned it. I tried to return to it a few days ago, but I forgot all my usernames and passwords and couldn’t get back in, so I guess my old blog has found its way to the internet equivalent of the dead letter office. Ah, well, I’m hoping this will be a better experience for you and me both.

A little background. I’m an advertising developer whose forte is in radio. I worked for several years as a DJ and Production guy, writing, producing and voicing radio spots. In 2005, I started my own production company, Slater’s Garage Ads & Audio. The name is an homage to a garage my family owns in upstate New York. They repair cars, I repair advertising. I still predominantly do radio ads and other audio production. But this year, I discovered video — particularly online video sites like YouTube — and am gradually learning the power these sites have to bring Brands and Consumers together.

I think there’s something happening online, and I think Brands need to be aware of it. Other marketing gurus have blogged about it before, but it bears repeating. People are talking about you. Good stories (hopefully), bad stories, sharing experiences with your product, or your store… Don’t believe me? Google yourself. I bet you’ll be surprised at what you find. And due to the nature of blogs and the internet, more people than ever are paying attention to the stories being told. It’s exciting, dontcha think?

As I move forward in this new blog adventure, I hope to share some of my own experiences exploring this new medium (well, new to me, anyway), and document my learning as I go. It really is a lot of fun, and I’d love to bring you along.


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