Localize AND Viralize…

One of the “white elephants” of online video is to have your video “go viral,” and become one of those things that gets passed around the world and back again in e-mails between friends and co-workers who say, “Dude, check this out!  It’s SO funny!”  And if you’re a company or brand that happens to be attached to such a video, then whoa, baby.  Because THEN, you’re looking at potentially millions of views — millions of impressions for your brand.  However, of those millions of viewers, how many become customers?  I know, I know… It doesn’t matter, right?  An impression is an impression… True, I suppose.

But, what if you just ain’t that lucky?  And what if you’re a small, local business who wants to enhance your marketing by using online video?  Can you still benefit on a smaller, local scale?  Of course.  I think it’s VERY doable.  You may just have to be a little more precise in where you place your online video(s) in order to maximize your visibility.

1)  YouTube — obviously.  Great place to start.  Millions of people watching any number of videos, and you never know who’s gonna see yours.  While the chances of your video going viral on YouTube are slim, it COULD happen.  But don’t count on YouTube alone.  Besides, it’s easy to embed a YouTube video onto other sites… Such as:

2)  Your own website.  Why not?  If your current customers are visiting your site, are you giving them something fun and entertaining to look at each time they come back?  Then kick it up a notch, and give them something to SHARE… A video about an offer you’re having.  A video about someone local — maybe a “featured customer?”  Maybe a video about a tip or hint related to your business… GIVE your web visitors something to take with them, AND pass along.

3)  Are you using local media to advertise?  Ask about added value they can offer you by posting your video on their sites as well…  Many local radio and TV stations (at least in my neck of the woods) haven’t quite figured out how to embrace online technology to its fullest potential, so many of them also have PLENTY of online “inventory” for sale.  Make ’em an offer.

4)  Other local websites like your town’s Chamber of Commerce site.  Again, ask ’em if you can include your video (or a LINK to your video) along with your “Local Business Directory” entry.

5)  Related businesses websites — Do you run a cafe or restaurant?  Try the site of a local hotelier.  And vice-versa… Maybe you two could work out a barter deal.

Don’t forget to make your video something that people want to watch, RE-watch, and SHARE.  Make it entertaining, make it informative, make it funny!  ENHANCE peoples’ web experiences!  Even if the word spreads locally, it still spreads, and with consistency and frequency, it WILL lead to increased impressions and traffic…

Good luck!


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