Damon’s Pizza – Recession Proof!

Received an e mail from a friend and had to share …

“I came across a newspaper ad that caught my eye. I saw the Damon’s logo at the bottom of the rather large ad and it said “There is no recession at Damon’s”. My first thought was wow, this is interesting and what a great idea. I read on.

Long story short, I finally looked up to the top in the fine newspaper print and verified the date of the ad.

It was from July 29th, 1961!!
Think about it. This ad was advertising their 10th anniversary in 1961. The economy was in recession yet this pizza place was refusing to participate!!
I did a little research online and learned that there have been 7 recessions since 1960 – not including the current one. Apparently Damon’s has chosen not to participate in any of the ensuing recessions and if my math is correct they are now 57 years old. Not a bad run.
My assumption is that Damon’s is not planning on participating in this recession either.
The meatball sandwich was very good.”
This “recession ” is NOT a big deal.  It is a time for us to reinvent ourselves – to become stronger – better.
I personally do not choose to participate in this recession.  Join me in boycotting the recession.  Go out and buy something – GO SHOP!

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