Two Guys Walk Into A Bar

And they’re each trying to meet women.  So the first guy walks up to a cute blonde who’s sitting there, sipping a Cosmo, minding her own business.  And he starts yelling at her – literally screaming, loud enough for everyone in the place to hear:

“Hey!  I’m a lawyer!  I make 200 Grand a year!  I drive a Porsche!  I have a summer cottage on the Cape!  This watch?  I got it when I made partner!  You should go home with ME because NOBODY in this place is better than ME!”

And, predictably, the cute blonde is unimpressed, annoyed, very turned-off, and completely ignoring him.

So the second guy sees what’s goin’ on, and after a couple minutes, he goes up to the cute blonde at the bar and asks her all about herself.  He asks her what she does for a living, where she’s from, what she likes to do for fun, what kind of movies she likes…

And she’s totally into this second guy, because he’s genuine, he’s sincere, and he’s really interested in HER, and not trying to tell everyone in the bar all about himself.  She ends up getting together with the second guy, and to this day, they’re still together, because the second guy understands that — no matter whether you’re trying to meet someone in a singles bar, or, say, maybe, you’re a business owner trying to obtain new customers with an advertising message — when you’re trying to persuade someone, you have to talk about THEM, not about YOU.

Does your advertising message talk about you?  Or does it talk about the customer with whom you’d like to begin a long-term relationship?


2 responses to “Two Guys Walk Into A Bar

  1. This is so perfectly true! How many times do people get sales messages shoved down their throats as opposed to real questions about what the customer is really thinking? Thanks. I like this.

  2. YOU…are a genius. Getting down to the primal instincts of advertisers. By the way…the website is not up and running, but will be before the end of August.

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