“Eyeing” Another Video Contest

Here’s the latest one we’ve entered for the AMD Alliance:

AMD is “Age-Related Macular Degeneration,” the leading cause of blindness in adults over the age of 50.  Millions are affected worldwide, and the AMD Alliance is in the middle of a video contest to help raise awareness.

Just about all the shoots we do for contests are fun, but this one was a particular treat.  The little girl in the video is my niece Georgia, and the grandpa is played by my father-in-law, Wayne.  This was the first “directed” piece either had starred in — I’d posted a few videos of Georgie over the past couple years on YouTube — and I thought they both did very, very well…

The contest submission period doesn’t end till late February, but the premise for the video involved shooting in bike-riding weather, so we had to put something together during milder weather.  So we arranged a chilly shoot during October, before the snow flew.

The idea was spawned in a conversation with my dad, who suggested something “shocking” to startle viewers into thinking twice about letting AMD symptoms go unchecked.  Hopefully, we hit the mark.


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