Crowdsourcing Pros & Cons… and Thanks

Thanks to Michelle Goodman, a freelance writer, blogger, and author of a couple great books about freelancing, for the article she wrote for this week.  She and I spoke at length about the burgeoning Crowdsourcing trend in audio, video and design – the (mostly) pros, and (not as many) cons…

Clipped from: by

If you’re a Freelancer in these lines of work, I urge you to check out the above article, as well as the rest of Michelle’s stuff… There’s lots to learn out there, particularly for those younger and new-to-the-game, and Michelle’s a great resource.

And if you’re a Brand in search of design and multimedia services, consider us freelancers!  We’re a uniquely creative breed, and we can usually deliver a superior product at a considerably lower cost than the big agencies.


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