Heatwaves and Hummingbirds

As Hurricane Earl blows through this weekend, we’re finally getting a bit of rain.  About time.  Summer in Maine this year has been particularly dry, and consistently warm overall, and this past week, we had several days in a row when it was over 90 degrees.

It’s been a (pardon the pun) hot topic on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and I wanted to share in the conversation with my Facebook friends and other connections, so I produced this video, which I then passed around as “my two cents” about the recent Maine heatwave:

Hopefully, you were surprised by the ending.  That was the goal:  To offer you something unexpected — something that would remain with you after you’d finished watching and moved on to something else.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that my mind loves to be surprised.  I love that “woo-hoo!” feeling my brain gets when I see or hear something that delights in an unpredictable way.  And when I write ads for my clients, I strive to do the same: to give the audience — their prospective customers — something unexpected, so that their business is the one the audience remembers most vividly, and most often.

Do your ads delight your audience and your customers with something unexpected to remember you by?


3 responses to “Heatwaves and Hummingbirds

  1. First, where did you get that feeder – I MUST have one! AND I love this. I love it mostly because I dont have to wait for 5 minutes before the surprise comes, I think that is a big issue with some “creatives” they get so lost in the creative that they lose the main point – therefore they lose their target audience too.

  2. Got the feeder at http://canyontrading.homestead.com/ Outta business, unfortunately…

    And yeah, Kelly, you’re right about keeping it short… I actually have a ton of cool footage of these guys dueling and fighting in mid-air, and I may post it as a separate video… But in the interest of fun and share-ability, shorter is always better… Definitely. 🙂

  3. The feeder is a surprise. Even though I realize there are an incredible number of different kinds of hummingbird feeders, I have never seen that one before. There make smaller tubes like that to fit on hanging baskets. It is unusal.

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