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Cello, Again, Cello

Have you noticed the recent surge in cello music in commercials?  Facebook is the most recent offender — their video explaining their new “Messages” feature sounds disappointingly similar to several other spots currently on the air and online.  Here’s just a mere smattering of similar-sounding background music which, to me, makes every ad blend together into a meaningless din, starting with the aforementioned Facebook:

The last two examples even use the same piece.  Granted, the dog food ad was from a few years ago, but nevertheless… Is that the ONLY piece of music that could fit either of those spots?

When preparing to produce an ad, I’ve had more than one client tell me, “We love the _______ commercial.  Can you do something like that?”

Well, yeah, I can.  But as a business trying to gain market share from competitors, why would you want that?  Don’t you want something that reminds prospective customers of YOU, instead of somebody else?

Funny thing is, now that I’ve pointed out these, I betcha you see/hear “cello spots” all over the place.  I know I’ve missed a bunch.  Please feel free to share the ones you find in the comments below.

Next week, we’ll tackle ukulele spots.


Bob’s Music Cafe: Some Tasty Production Music

Whether you need music for audio or video production, the hunt for a good music library can take you to some interesting places.  And depending on what you find, it’s not always easy to tell what the licensing rights are for many of the songs and libraries that show up in your search.

I found Bob’s Music Cafe awhile back.   They’re modern,high-quality beds that offer a variety of formats, including Rock, Country, Jazz, Top 40, and Classical, plus some specialty stuff like holiday beds and Imaging Effects.

Best of all, they’re affordable, and they’re 100% buyout, which means that one price gets you the non-exclusive license to use that music however you like: audio or video production, commercial or non- .

If you’re in the market to freshen your library a bit, but may not have a huge budget to do so, give these guys a try.